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Nymphomaniac: Vol. II, 2013

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The Golden Bough
Joseph Mallord William Turner

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Katt, Faith and Emily’s Positive Hardcore Thursday giveaway!


-Yes, this giveaway is for our followers so you must be following Faith, Emily and I

(To all the sneaky lil shits, yes we are checking)

-Likes don’t count, only reblogs, BUT you can like it as a bookmark if you want. 

-Reblog as many times as you want I really don’t care

-We’ll be using a random online generator to pick the winner, so the more you reblog the better the chances!

-I don’t care if you’re a giveaway blog, have at it

-We’ll be giving a shoutout to a second winner (but second place does not win any of the merchandise)

-If you don’t want certain items displayed then we will choose another winner for the items you don’t want

-Contest ends July 10th 2014

-We will be shipping worldwide and paying for it all so don’t worry this giveaway is rad, fab and free

If this gets 30k+ notes we will add in 2 concert tickets to a concert of your choice. Total cost of tickets will have to be $200 or less. So around 100 or less per ticket. 


(In order, don’t judge how I name them ok)

-BMTH (nsfw tattoo?) shirt (size small)

-BMTH (angry face?) shirt (size medium)

-BMTH skull shirt (size medium)

-OM&M Austin Carlile or die shirt (size medium)

-OM&M Squidgy shirt (size medium)

-OM&M eagle shirt (size medium)

-PTV coffee-coloured sugar skull tank (size small)

-PTV sugar skull/ sombrero shirt (medium/large)

-PTV crewneck (small/medium)

-AA rose/ skull shirt (size medium)

-AA gut shirt (size medium/large)

-AA elephant-tusk shirt (size small/medium)

-Suicide Silence skull shirt (size large)

-BMTH Sword shirt (front to back, size small)

-OM&M &this is faithfulness at its finest shirt (front to back, size medium)

-Suicide Silence hoodie (size medium)

If you have any questions, feel free to message me or the 3 blogs listed. Don’t ask when it ends, please just read the rules.


*********CLOTHING GIVEAWAY!!!!!!*************

MUST BE FOLLOWING ME vicfuentes-tonyperry

Hi everyone :) I just went through my closet to make room for my back to school clothes and I don’t have room anymore for these band tees and hoodies. They are all size Medium/Small and in good condition.

I Will randomly choose a winner with a random generator on October 31st 2014

I will ship to any country.


ONLY REBLOGS COUNT (The more you reblog the better chance you have to win) you may like the post but likes won’t be counted.

You MUST be following me vicfuentes-tonyperry (you can’t follow to unfollow I have a tracker)


1 Of Mice and Men American Dream Tour Shirt
1 Suicide Silence Hoodie
4 Pierce the Veil Graphic Tees
1 Pierce the Veil Hoodie
3 Bring Me the Horizon graphic tees
3 Of Mice and Men Shirts
1 Of Mice and Men Tank top
1 All Time Low Tee
1 Man Overboard tee
1 Blessthefall tee
1 Fall Out Boy tee

Good Luck!!! xoxo


Self Portrait, 1887 ~ Vincent van Gogh

Portrait of Vincent van Gogh, 1887 ~ Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

!!! its so littttttleee!!!!